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Taken Word



Colour and beauty did not cease to impress me in #Camden. I met yet another creative on my journeys. This talented and lovely person is another positive representation of the colourful city. We had a great chat and exchanged creative thoughts.

India@indiarhl - I'm a newly graduated knitwear designer from Central Saint Martins, I have worked on collaborations with various designers and institutions including, Lyle and Scott, WGSN and Nicomeade Talavera. I am currently working in Camden and aiming to work within design to further my practice with the intention of starting my own knitwear based fashion label. I am inspired by the character of people and objects. I am interested in concepts of the alter-ego; creating items which allow the wearer to take on a new character and push the individuals alter-ego to the surface through the performativity of the item



Talk about cool and interesting - had a great chat with this adorable pair. Full of life and free spirited! It was while talking to them and explaining the idea behind this project, they agreed with my logic; that with all the people that we walk past, we don't interact with unless we have to.
Yello and Yoshi - We love spending time in #Camden. Love watching people go by. It would be great to just spark a conversation with a random stranger, like we're doing right now, talking to you. This is how it should be.

Yoshi - My name is really Chrissy but on my 30th birthday, I was playing a game with some friends and one of the characters was called Yoshi...then for some reason, they all started calling me Yoshi



This is the coolest mother and daughter ever. We were both stood watching a busker do his thing on a homemade drum set. I couldn't help but notice the great chemistry between them. I actually had to ask because they could have well been sisters.

Jackie and @shelbyspeed - Visiting my daughter for the day and doing a bit of shopping; we love shopping. We are originally from Essex. @shelbyspeed study performing arts at Laine Theatre Arts



I stopped at Sabnum's stall in #Camden and she had these lovely shawls and scarfs. I believe they were made from cashmere. Sabnum did not speak much - it was the end of the day and I could tell she just wanted to pack up and go.

Sabnum - I am from Nepal originally. I've been working at this stall for two years. Its busy everyday for for me



In the heart of Camden Market, reside this Rasta shop. Yup, I always seem to run into the roots. These guys were really high spirited though. Although they're running a shop, they had reggae playing in the background and were singing and playing the drums which just brought a nice vibes to the surroundings. Irie :-)

Doo Gee - We have been here for over 20 years now. Not me personally but the shop has. I design all the t-shirts myself, it's a real passion. I consider myself an artist in my own right. I'm originally from Senegal but now live in



It was awesome heading back to the streets, meeting people and exchanging contact. Why did it seem so hard before? Quite simple, look for someone you want to engage with, and engage. People are more than willing to have a conversation. After spending a few hours in Camden, I stopped several people, all of which said "yes, you can take my photo"

Oscar - I am a traveler and love the planet. I make jewellery with my hands. Large companies have actually copied some of my work and mass produced it. It is not fair but I just keep creating. I love #Camden because there is loads of happy people



This guy Rob, is a cool dude. Initially I hadn't planned to photograph him. He was actually serving me at a pub he works at in Camden. But we chatted for a bit and after discovering he's so full of character and a really genuine guy, I just had to! Once again, another creative. So far, everyone I've came in contact with in Camden, is creative in one form or another.

Rob - I am a barman here at #elephantshead pub part time and originally from Budapest, Hungary. I also have a tattoo shop with my brother, and a clothing brand. One other thing about me, I have the best mates on the planet



This was the first person I stopped in Camden. I'm not sure if it was the red lipstick, the cool sun glasses, or the stunning lady which blended in to the background(It's really a contrast). Only later to discover she was a like minded creative!

Olivia@olivialaughton - I am 23; an architectural model maker and I've worked on a marvel film where I made prop weapons. I sometimes do a bit of modelling on the side and enjoy yoga, art, dancing, singing.. And roaming the streets of #Camden in the sun!





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