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​Taken Word


Last Shot of the day in Brighton..This guy was hilarious! Very much like the spirit of Brighton, which he claimed to be the godfather of! Like everyone else I chatted to on that day, this mister was full of amusement and life! This is what it's all about. My journey continues.

Peter RickwoodI like walking the streets of Brighton and hanging out by my favorite pub #brightontavern. Wait, is your camera insured? I might crack the glass of your lens



This pair reminded me how kind people can be! They were on the pier in #Brighton, just got married and in the middle of their own photoshoot. I politely asked the photographer, and the couple if I can jump in and take a few quick shots..they said of course. Their smiles says it all!
Eva & GroomWe just got married today. Our English isn’t good but you can take my photo :-)


I met this young lady and her flatmate on the seafront with their skateboards. They were just so chilled and I can tell they absorb alot of the energy that Brighton oozes!
Amelia I enjoy coming down to the beach with my board. “Love the Haters!”


These guys were really good sport! They were running to catch their train but still paused for a few moments. To be fair, they did give me the look like "not another charity organisation/ someone trying to sell us something(not that anything is wrong with either hehe)". Either way, I really love this shot!
Andrzej & Martin Andrzej: I DJ in London and go by the name Polanski. I also study music and sonic media. Martin: I’m 54, London born and bred. I used to work in finance and did 3 years in the civil service. Now I do voluntary work like fundraising for Fringe



4th Shot of the day.. I could not, not ask this guy @beelzebab666 to take his photo. I actually got excited when I saw him because he completely defined #interestingpeople, which is what I seeked out that day! Alot of contrast in this image and it speaks for itself.
LukeI have come to deliver flowers to my girlfriend, Tash. I have to run back quickly to my food stall Beelzebab, which I’m currently running at Street Dinner; a food market in Brighthelm Garden



3rd Shot.. As I was walking down the streets of Brighton, I bumped into @megsy_stimpson. Initially I saw the the green jumper and mysterious eyes under her sunglasses. Then asked her if she can take them off to get the shot, which revealed even more mystery in the

MeganI am originally from Australia. I now work as a Barista in Brighton and I make the best swans on top of cappuccinos and lattes



This is the second person I stopped, minutes after taking a photo of the first person. I must say, people are more willing to engage than I thought. There is a world full of people - lets all engage!
Pixie and Miss Tilly —We have 60 years and 4 months between us



KimI work at Grand Central Pub. I have over 100 tattoos. Some say I have more tattoos than skin. I want more!





JSyder Photography - Jerry Syder
Awe that's great! I'm glad you loved them! Scotland is lovely and I'm sure you will have a great time there. I know what it is like living away from family. I will definitely give you a shout when I'm up your way. I hope the move goes smoothly and enjoy Scotland to the fullest x
Ms Pixie & Miss Tilly(non-registered)
Greetings Jerry.......wow we love the pics of us .......we are moving home to Bonny Scotland ......verrrrry soon......i miss my children...grandchildren and great grandaughter ......i so wanted a shoot as well .......perhaps you may wonder over the border and our paths may cross again ....i wish you all the best for your future ......and thankyou .....kindest loves n hugs .....xx
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