Jerry Syder
Jerry Syder has been an avid photographer for the past few years when his interest was first sparked after returning from an exotic holiday abroad. Equipped at the time with only a smartphone and a point and shoot pocket camera, Jerry realised that to better craft his vision he needed stronger tools. In his words, 'The photos were flat and that's not what you want from something that documents a special occasion in your life. I wanted to capture texture as well colour. I wanted it to have dimension, to make it immersive as if you could step into the photo. But most of all, I wanted it to convey emotion'. 
Jerry decided to invest in photography to transform his desire into a reality. With his SLR camera around his neck and his sure-footedness, Jerry began to seek out local events such as concerts, sport tournaments and wildlife trails in order to refine his skills. He turned up with his camera to celebrations held by family and friends; celebrations such as weddings, baby showers and birthday parties and delighted guests by capturing tender moments between loved ones now immortalised and never to be forgotten. 
It was in these moments that Jerry discovered what he loved most about photography - human interaction. 
In Jerry's words, 'When people see my work and they see photos of themselves, their eyes are full of wonder and gratitude. You can see them reliving the happy occasion'.
Jerry's talent didn't go unnoticed and he was soon asked to do professional shoots. From Event Photography, Wedding Photography, Commercial Photography, Property Photography and Portrait Photography, including a Street Photography project "Taken Word", Jerry, now based in Pinner, London UK, is able to adapt his style to suit the tone of the event. He works closely with clients in understanding what they want from a shoot as well as bringing his own ideas and suggestions to the conversation. 
With his corporate background, Jerry understands the importance of branding and making a photo marketable. Providing his corporate clients with a professional stock of photos enables them to promote their business and improve their audience engagement. 
As for Jerry, he is now never without his trusty camera on holiday.  

Whether your event is, corporate or personal, Jerry Syder may just be the photographer for you